Top 10 New Memory Games for Adults in 2020!

Memory Games

These new 10 memory games are designed to improve the pathway in the brain, which is responsible for memory retention.

The memory games are designed to improve the pathway in the brain, which is responsible for memory retention.

The human brain tends to store 2.5 petabytes of information which are more than millions of hours of any television show.

As an organic storage device, our brain works quite differently, which depends on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Improving this phase will automatically give you an advantage of high memory power, and they are pretty fun to play too.

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Top 10 Games to Improve Your Memory

Below are the 10 Best Memory Games for Better Cognition, Intellect and Concentration!

1) Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle games

When you are in favor of cognitive performance, doing crossword is a fun way to improve it.

According to some studies, crossword helps to delay the occurrence of dementia in some individuals.

This is the best way to retain and boost some good and important memories of your life.

If you are not in this game, try something which asks you to search for words and get yourself engaged properly.

2) Multitask Improving Video Games

Shooting games do not have any impact on the cognitive skills of a person, however, a game that induces instant stimuli can improve working memory and ability to retain vital information.

This can be a good problem-solving trait which, according to recent studies could be neural markers for you to give better performance without distractions.

3) Shopping Game

This is the game of mental alertness and requires you to make a small shopping list.

This activity also demands you to use the peg words which is like code for different grocery items.

The peg words can be used according to with the rhyming sense just like one is for sun and two is for bru, if you say imagine the bru brewing up with the sun behind you, this can help you memorize names in the list easily and you can share it with your friend or family too.

4) Brain Yoga

It’s a coordination exercise which requires you to make a fist of both hands, the left hand you will raise a thumb while the pinky finger of the right hand.

Now, do the alternate in every 2 seconds.

This may look hard at first, but it gets your gray matter in the brain function with vigor.

You could also do like playing music and do the math.

5) Chess

Chess game for brain

Chess is the best type of memory and mind game which many players misunderstand with their short term memory skills.

This is where they miss the spot and the users with long term memories always win.

The shifting of the characters makes you retain information for a long time.

6) Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to improve short term memory with a series of shapes and colors.

These pieces are to put together so they will make a definite picture which your brain works very hard on.

Every piece that you place in the right order produce Dopamine in your brain, which helps you stay happy with excess concentration.

If a big puzzle is boring you, try the smaller one or remove the color so you just have to manage the shapes.

7) Sudoku

Sudoku game for boost brain power

Sudoku is the greatest memory-enhancing the game for working people who like to tackle with multiple paperwork.

This is why it has been always in the newspaper, it allows the players to keep a series of number while mentally challenging to place them in those nine space grids.

Organizing numbers have always been beneficial in improving working memory and to try something new which gives you a creative piece of mind.

8) Suitcase Game

Suitcase game is fun to play the game when you are out with friends, in a round table the first person declares to pack a suitcase with one item.

The items get repeated as more items are added, anyone who misses the inserted items before will lose.

9) Cards Game for Concentration

Playing the trump game with the cards allows you to develop enormous concentration ability.

This will keep your focus on the cards and if any chance you miss the counts you lose badly.

Another card game for concentration lets you lay multiple cards face down and flip-up two at a time to match the set.

Asserting difficult card locations can be more challenging for gamers.

10) Rebus Puzzle

Rebus Puzzle for brain

Rebus puzzle includes answering a question and the answer is on the letters, numbers, pictures, and symbols which are given in the game.

For example the word “been” might be depicted by a rebus showing an illustrated bumblebee next to a plus sign and the letter “n.

This game would be best for the adults to sharpen their memory and brain power.

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What’s Your Opinion – Do Memory Games Work?

Memory games or brain training games are known to improve the executive functions, working memory and concentration speed in young people.

These also hold benefits for aged patients to preserve their cognitive power.

Share your thoughts in the comments box about the best game you would play for relaxing your mind!

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