Quiet Mind Plus Review – Best Nootropic Supplement for Brain

Before giving a review about Quiet Mind Plus, there is a need to understand what Nootropics really are.

Nootropics and Tinnitus

Mental health is the foremost important factor in men and women’s personality, our professional and personal lives solely depend upon our mental health which gives us so many ups and downs.

Adequate brain functions include good memory retention, multi-tasking, and excellent communication skills.

Nootropics are the form of supplements that mainly designed to resolve the issue of impaired cognitive functions.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics have many names in different countries, smart drugs, brain boosters, cognitive boosters, you name it!

Nootropics are basically dietary supplements designed for both men and women to improve their cognitive skills.

At first, supplements like these were made for the students who couldn’t get good grades just because they cannot memorize things completely.

Later on, a plethora of studies were done on the effects of Nootropics which found that these Brain supplements can actually be also men and women who are losing memory with age.

The best Nootropics are made from the natural ingredients, just like Quiet Mind Plus.

What is Quiet Mind Plus?

Quiet Mind Plus is a nootropic supplement that aims to fight against the factors which cause memory loss and impaired cognitive functions.

Quiet Mind Plus reviews

It’s a basic brain booster which means it provides the very basic ingredients to the brain parts.

The natural formula of the Quiet Mind Plus is the reason why this Nootropic is available over the counter.

In many places, we have noticed this product seems a proper treatment for tinnitus.

This condition comprises ringing sounds in the ears, which affects about 15-20% of the population.

How Quiet Mind Plus Works?

It seems the mode of action of Quiet Mind Plus is only limited to improve memory power.

According to the maker of Quiet mind, it repairs the inactive brain cells which contribute to improving memory.

This can be pretty beneficial for Alzheimer patients who find it really hard to memorize things after reaching a certain age.

Quiet Mind Plus also eradicates the toxins present in the brain and it helps you get more enhanced brain performance than before.

What Are The Ingredients of Quiet Mind Plus?

There are more vitamins in the formula than cognitive boosters like you’d find in the best Nootropics like NooCube.

Quiet Mind Plus ingredients

Bacopa Monnieri is considered significant for improving brain functions, but since it cannot be found in Quiet Mind, we shall see what are the actual ingredients present inside.

  • Vitamin C- Ascorbic acid is good for the immune system which also treats several brain disorders that affect the memory power of a person.
  • Vitamin B12- Vitamin B12 improves the coordination between the body and brain by repairing the brain cells. It also impacts the brain performance and makes memory retention improved.
  • Vitamin B3- Commonly known as Niacin, which improves the memory and information retention in the brain. Niacin also revives the weak brain cells that haven’t been getting proper nourishment.
  • Vitamin B6- Vitamin B6 works like B12, but only with less intense behavior.
  • Garlic Extract- Garlic has many digestive benefits, apart from this it also helps in reviving the damaged brain cells and boost memory retention.
  • Hibiscus- Hibiscus has multiple benefits, it’s a natural stress reducer that enhances the brain functions. Furthermore, it helps reduce blood cholesterol level and make the immune system stronger for a plethora of health conditions.
  • Hawthorn Berry- Significantly effective for anxiety and relief from panic attacks, in various brain disorders hawthorn berry extract is given to the users along with other brain-boosting herbs.
  • Juniper Berry- Eliminates the toxins out of your brain region and provide the right amount of nutrition required for ideal brain functions.
  • Uva Ursi- Works as a detoxifying agent that eliminates free radicals and other dirt from the system.
  • Bushu Leaves- Brings you a soothing and calm feeling by repairing the damaged cells, once they are repaired the coordination between your body and mind becomes stronger.
How to Take Quiet Mind Plus?

Quiet Mind Plus is the formula that should be taken for at least 60 days.

The regular dose is 2 capsules per day, in a single or 2 divided dosage form.

Any man or woman who has pre-existing brain conditions must consult with the physician before taking Quiet Mind Plus.

Quiet Mind Plus Customer Reviews

After searching about dozens of sources looking for, the customer reviews about Quiet Mind Plus.

We analyzed that many users have canceled their order right after the first trial.

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Some users asked for the refunds because they had to experience the utterly dangerous side effects.

Usually, natural Nootropics are not associated with any form of side effects.

The Quiet Mind Plus, however, is pointing us towards the direction where you don’t want to go!

I mean, who would want to spend their money and purchase a bottle of side effects? As a matter of fact, all they want is a slight boost in their mental health.

Quiet Mind Plus Side Effects

Some ingredients in Quiet Mind are known to produce side effects.

For example, Buchu leaves produce kidneys irritation and stomach upset. Excessive consumption of Garlic Extract is known to create side effects like nausea, vomiting, and bad body odor.

This can also lead us to the fact that the right kind of clinical testing wasn’t done on Quiet Mind Plus.

Quiet Mind Plus Pricing and Packages

Quiet Mind Plus is currently offering 3 different types of packages, each of which provides free shipping.

  • Get 1 Bottle and Get Free Shipping
  • Get 3 Bottles and Get 30% Discount + Free Shipping
  • Get 6 Bottles and Get 50% Discount + Free Shipping

Where to Buy Quiet Mind Plus?

Quiet Mind Plus is not available on Amazon, also you cannot find it at GNC or other supplement sources online.

The correct way to purchase Quiet Mind is by visiting the official site that has made quite bigger claims about the supplement.

Who Makes Quiet Mind Plus?

According to our source, the product is formulated by Gregory Peters.

Now we don’t know much about this company name neither any sort of sufficient data is available on their page about it.

This poses a negative impact on a product’s image!


  • Natural formula
  • Improves memory
  • Improved connection between body and brain
  • Affordable Price


  • Not appropriate ingredients are present
  • Doesn’t affect or improve other Cognitive abilities
  • Poor customer reviews
  • No company data available
  • The strength of each ingredient available is very low

Quiet Mind Plus Alternatives – The Best and Powerful Nootropic

NooCube is the very first option in everyone’s mind before choosing the best Nootropic available online.


What really separates NooCube from other B-class Nootropics are not just the ingredients, but if you take a look on their official webpage, you will find a plethora of studies available regarding each of their ingredients and its effects.

One of the best things about NooCube is its coverage of multi-dimensions. Other Nootropics like Quiet Mind only target to boost your memory, well this isn’t the case with NooCube.

Here are the benefits and results by NooCube which may open up your mind about what it actually turns you into.

NooCube provide

  • Affect overall cognitive abilities
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Enhanced memory power
  • Increase mental awareness
  • Better presentation skills
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
About NooCube Ingredients

The difference between NooCube ingredients and Quiet Mind Plus will also enhance your understanding about which Nootropic you should really buy.

Here are the ingredients available in NooCube which, according to Google are the best ingredients for boosting brain functions.

  • Alpha GCP
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • L-theanine, L-tyrosine
  • Huperzine-A
  • Uncaria Tomentosa
  • Oat Straw

Summary – Which Nootropic Should You Really Buy?

The list of best Nootropics available online is endless, dozens of supplements are being launched the everyday majority of which cannot be trusted.

Noocube Nootropic Supplements

The idea that Quiet Mind Plus basically works on is only to elevate the memory power in men and women, but the real role of the best Nootropic is to cover overall cognitive abilities by improving them fast.

Quiet Mind Plus may be a good nootropic to bet on, but the customer reviews about any product help you identify its risks and benefits.

Quiet Mind Plus reviews show us more negative factors about the supplement than the positive ones.

Keeping these concerns in mind, we think choosing NooCube would be the wiser and much smarter choice if you are looking for effective, fast acting and scientifically backed Nootropic.

Brian Hadora, a passionate for fitness also interested in improving its mental strength through the most effective products and methods.