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Best Nootropics – Is Performance Lab Mind Natural Nootropic Effective? Learn more about Its Effects, Results & Reviews Inside! [2019 NEW]

Best Nootropics – Is Performance Lab Mind Natural Nootropic Effective? Learn more about Its Effects, Results & Reviews Inside! [2019 NEW]

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As much as our body needs the relaxation time after a heavy workout or sport, our mind also needs the same thing but in a slightly different way.

There are millions of million neurons in our brain each of which is in communication with each other, as we grow older the synaptic junctions between these neurons get weakened.

Performance Lab Mind is today’s number 1 ranked nootropic which is used for sharpened memory and cognitive functions.

They are deemed as a smart drug which improves certain cognitive skills of a person like better learning, memory, concentration, etc.

You can say natural nootropics works but which one to choose?

What Is Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind is a natural supplement for brain disorders which supports the healthy brain function and used as a mental recovery aid.

It has a wide range of ingredients which are natural and proven to be effective in improving the brain’s health.

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Performance Lab Mind is for those individuals who like to elevate the brain performance and get most out of every intellectual session.

Benefits of Use

In the life of a person, some aspects of his personality need to be polished.

Performance Lab Mind is a powerful Nootropic gives you the taste of beneficial nutrients which in turn provides you the same benefit.

  • Enhancement of brain energy
  • Elevated focus and alertness
  • Quicker information processing
  • Retained and improved memory
  • Brain cells development
  • Reduce mental stress and depression
  • Improve brain structure for good
  • Enhanced cerebral blood flow (key for unlimited brain performance)

A large population in the US and other countries are living their lives without getting essential ingredients by which a human mind works properly.

Performance Lab Mind does this very thing through the natural pathway.

How Performance Lab Mind Ingredients Work?

Individuals with an improper supply of nutrients to the brain area most likely needs the use of nootropic.

Ingredients in Performance Lab Mind  supplements

There are overall 4 ingredients you can find in the Performance Lab Mind formula; every ingredient somehow improves the cognitive functions which is from different ways.

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Let’s take look at each of these ingredients and see how they make this Nootropic effective.

1) Citicoline

Also known as Cognizin, a powerful cholinergic agent that increases the amount of acetylcholine in the human body.

Acetylcholine is a powerful neurotransmitter which makes the human brain enough able to understand the hardest part of the logics as well as keep it sharp.

Citicoline also encourage the development of healthy brain cells where it also repairs the damaged ones.

About 250mg of Cognizin was added in the performance lab mind formula which is sufficient enough to deliver the positive outcomes.

2) Phosphatidylserine

Our brain is 90% lipid which means the addition of phospholipids like Phosphatidylserine can be pretty much useful.

Phosphatidylserine is the main part of the brain cell membrane that looks after the efficient cellular communication.

As we get older, the level of Phosphatidylserine becomes less available which is the reason why some of us aren’t good at devising making skills.

Providing your brain adequate dose of Phosphatidylserine and you will experience enhanced cognitive performance regardless of age.

In Performance Lab Mind you will find 100mg of Phosphatidylserine.

3) N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine

Tyrosine is the eligible and potent nootropic that relaxes the brain and decrease the physical and mental stress.

The main mechanism of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and stress which in turn boost the mental performance.

In people who forget things way too quickly, Tyrosine can help them retain memories for the long-time period and induce proper sleep.

This ingredient is for the athletes who are suffering from mental burden caused by the lack of performance.

Students who take 300mg of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine per day found out to be more responsive.

4) Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is known for containing Proanthocyanidins which are powerful antioxidants.

There is a lot of oxidative stress going on in our brain which suppresses the normal functions of cells and thereby damaging them.

These unknown oxygen species in the blood can be harmful to which Proanthocyanidins plays a vital role in eliminating.

Once the free radicals from your brain are removed, you will naturally perform very well mentally and this powerful dose of antioxidants improves the memory retaining cell’s affinity.

Performance Lab Mind Side Effects

As you can see, the dosage of the ingredients available in the formula is too perfect to induce any form of side effects.

Best nootropics

The product itself and the ingredients have gone under various clinical trials where it was seen that none of them are harmful to human health.

Also, you will find quality ingredients in Performance Lab Mind which ensures the safety and effectiveness will be of supreme grade.

So yes, Performance Lab Mind is legitimately safe Nootropic.

What Customers Say about Performance Lab Mind?

There are dozens of reviews available regarding Performance Lab Mind about how it can be effective in boosting a weak mind.  

Performance lab mind reviews

The honest opinion from the users can be found at the official website or other pages which you think have the most trustworthy audience.

Some reviews about Performance Lab Mind are given below:

I studied about this nootropic before buying. The 250mg of citicoline is enough to make your productivity level high.

I noticed it gets easier for you to concentrate on a particular thing with the help of this supplement and so far my energy level (mental wise) are readily high.

Martyn Rodriguez

I heard this nootropic by the name performance Lab Mind looks after the brain cells. I was diagnosed as a patient of dementia about some years ago. All they do was put me on Rivastigmine which didn’t seem to work like it supposed to.

In my opinion, the natural nootropics are a way better choice than the pharmaceutical substance that somehow takes the power of your vital organs and leave you lifeless.

Geoffrey- 56 Years

As a student we need to memorize a plethora of subjects, without your mind functioning properly it seems hard mostly.

Nootropics are the best way to re-energize your brainpower by giving it the notable ingredients. After seeing so many positive reviews about Performance Lab Mind I decided to buy it from the officials.

My levels of energy are now above the roof and so far I have been extremely good at presentations.

Pritam Johrevia

Performance Lab Mind Pricing

This nootropic can either be purchased a single bottle or in the stack which can save up some money for you.

Unlike the cheap so-called mind alerting ingredients that contain a high dose of caffeine, Performance Lab Mind offers a delicacy at a very good price range.

Here is the pricing list:

  • 1 Bottle: $50.00
  • 2 Bottles: $95.00
  • 3 Bottles: $135.00

If you are looking for a long term cognition supports, buying the 3 bottles can influence your personality for a long period.

How Long Should You Use Performance Lab Mind?

Best nootropics are very hard to find but once you have found them, it is required to use them for at least 2-3 months.

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Just like this, Performance Lab Mind should be used for 2 months for the maximum results.

The personal reviews about this brain supplement indicate that the use of Performance Lab Mind for 2 months yield the best brain-related benefits in which getting mentally active on the top. Rest of the effects like memory retention and alertness comes later.

Where to Purchase Performance Lab Mind Online? 

You can find Performance Lab Mind on sale at the official website: (

To identify the product’s quality and its magnitude of treating brain-related problems, the official link provides a large sum of information that can help you understand about best nootropics.


Amongst the full spectrum nootropics available online, Performance Lab Mind is becoming an expert’s choice because of their selection of ingredients.

performance lab mind

It has everything that a healthy brain requires, powerful to reduce negative brain waves, boost energy, eliminate free radicals and moreover repair the damaged cells.

For the ultimate cognitive enhancement in which the level of creativity becomes lucid and achievable, Performance Lab Mind gives you a chance to avail it easily.

Men and women who belong to different professions supposed to work with greater mental stamina that helps them stay productive at what they do.

If your mental health is draining and you see yourself becoming less responsive, it’s time for you to try Nootropics, they are cheaper, safe and effective in increasing memory power and confidence level which makes you a complete person.

Brian Hadora, a passionate for fitness also interested in improving its mental strength through the most effective products and methods.