Performance Lab Mind Vs Mind Lab Pro – Best Brain Booster [2020]

Do Performance Lab Mind and Mind Lab Pro worth your time and money?

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Which Nootropic supplement you should go for?

1) Performance Lab Mind Review

Performance Lab Mind has a tremendous feature of performing well than any other Nootropic supplements.

Performance lab mind reviews

It may seem another Nootropic supplement to many, but in reality, it has a contemporary formula that has the tendency to level up the game.

This is not it because it tends to enhance the factor of motivation, information processing speed, and cognitive function. Moreover, it happens to be helpful for the regeneration ability of the brain.

Basically, it helps in mental plasticity that later takes part in learning and memory.

Best 5 Brain Supplements for adults – both Performance Lab Mind and Mind Lab Pro have secured their place.

Performance Lab Mind manufactures are not new to this industry. Up till now, they have created various formulas that are not only different, but they have a great combination of ingredients. Moreover, these formulas are dynamic at performing.

Performance Lab Mind improves brain energy through involving powerhouse of a brain cell (mitochondria) and elevates the flow of blood to deliver glucose and oxygen.

Additionally, the tendency to produce new brain cells and synapses is also significant. Why does it have so much importance? This is because it lets us have better concentration and focus in high-pressure situations.

Thus, when this production process is working correctly, you can actually feel energetic, motivated, focused instead of feeling depleted, tired and sluggish all day long. In short, you just get the ability to finish your day with great zeal and intense excitement.

2) Mind Lab Pro Review

Do you need world’s first universal Nootropic supplement that can actually work?

Mind Lab Pro reviews

Look no further because Mind Lab Pro is your answer. It does not cater just the people of any particular area of life, but as a matter of fact, it is suitable for almost everyone. No matter what your field is. Another point to acknowledge, it is actually ideal for the people of all ages.

Thus, happening and exciting life is just one decision away. People who really desired active and dynamic life should go for Mind Lab Pro.

Does Mind Lab Pro work?

Mind Lab Pro will literally aid you in accelerating your memory lane, superfast learning ability, let you be calm and able to deal with a variety of things at a time.

Furthermore, it lets your brain nourish in the best possible way. As far as its formula is concerned, the developers have taken it way seriously because they have worked almost on every detail even the minor ones.

They have done this work to ensure that the highest quality they are getting in the safest way possible.

For instance; the ingredients are not from any random places, but they come from locations where the pollution level is at its lowest, and the ground conditions are not contaminated either.

Moreover, the selection of ingredients is not the random pick either. What it means is all the ingredients are chosen on behalf of their effectiveness for the human mind. This is possible because of the research work of decades on these essential natural nootropics.

Most importantly, this supplement does not contain any filler, and the users will not get any kind of side effects from these ingredients either.

However, probably, it seems costly, but if you happen to buy it in a reasonable quantity, you are actually saving a lot of your hard earned money. See it this way; it is not the wastage of money but rather an investment.

You will be buying it again and again due to its positive aspects so why not buying it in one go so you can avail attractive discount.

Does human brain really need new cells?

So, the answer is yes.

Learning and memory actually have a direct connection with new cells of the brain because these cells not only let us develop better skill sets but also they are good at regulating the issues such as anxiety and depression.

nootropic supplement
Dr. Ramon Velazquez Ph.D

Performance Lab Mind Ingredients

This supplement is all about quality and standard. That is, by the way, a great thing to consider. But you know what!

Performance Lab Mind has gone one step ahead, and they have utilized BioGenesis in their composition. This is not a very common thing, and just a few companies use it, and Performance Lab Mind are one of those companies.

This one particular substance lets the other ingredients work the best possible way that is not the case with traditional brain supplements.

These are some of the ingredients of Performance Lab Mind

  1. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) 300 mg:

Synthesize process of catecholamines (brain chemicals) takes place and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine works tremendously well in this process. This brain chemical process has epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine in it. Moreover, it supports the brain big time in reversing the stress impact. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is quite preferable because it is readily bioavailable.

1. Phosphatidyserine (Sunflower Lecithin)

This substance is already present in the brain in the natural form of concentrated phospholipid. This supplement has it almost 15% of the total amount of phospholipid group. It helps in neurogenesis to form new cells in the brain and the fixing process of damaged cells. Basically, Neuroplasticity is an additional property of this compound.

2. Maritime Pine Bark Extract 75 mg

It is uncommon, different yet innovative enough. Yes, we are talking about Maritime Pine Bark Extract. This ingredient just has so many titles because it possesses complicated yet multifaceted antioxidants, it tends to signal human body Nitric Oxide, which we are aware, has superb blood flow improving effects and improves energy levels.

The exciting part is it can transport the antioxidants across the barrier of blood in the brain that also helpful in decreasing free radical impact inside the mind.

3. Citicoline (Cognizin)

This one ingredient has versatile roles to play in brain development. The brain always needs some essential elements to improve the formation process of new cells, and Citicoline can actually provide those vital components. Moreover, it happens to be helpful in the neurotransmitting process as well due to its versatility. Whenever it protects the brain from the risk of free radicals, it improves mitochondrial energy as well.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

The other name of this supplement is facilitating or offering clinically proven compounds. That includes almost 11 well-researched ingredients to start with, and they are pretty useful too.

Moreover, it also has BioGenesis in its formula to assure the absorption of all the ingredients in the most adequate way possible because let us be realistic without proper absorption no matter how effective the ingredients are they cannot perform at their optimum level.

There have been various reviews on Mind Lab Pro but if you happen to notice the formula has been transformed. Do remember there is always some room for improvements and the new additions have made this formula even better.

This is the Mind Lab Pro ingredients

1. Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is an antioxidant. It happens to shield the human brain from the age speeding impacts of free radicals. This thing is strongly adhered to the learning mechanism and afterward retaining those learning memories. Therefore, improving or controlling the situation just means that we can generate a direct impact on the learning mechanism.

2. Maritime Pine Bark

This is another powerful ingredient. Do you know why? Because it has a variety of antioxidants hidden in it. Free radical cells concentrate toxic in the brain, but these antioxidants of Maritime Pine Bark can subside the effects of those toxic substances.

3. L-Tyrosine (NALT)

It is one of the types of amino acid that has to do with memory, mental progress and mood. It actually confronts the brain’s issues in high-pressure situations.

4. Citicoline (Cognizin)

Improved brain activity can be on the top of the list when you select any brain improvement supplement, and Citicoline knows how to do it. Moreover, it is also helpful in improving mental performance, energy, promotion of better memory, superb concentration and super energy levels.

5. Phosphatidylserine

This compound is present in the fat cells of the brain. Its role is to regulate fluid and encourage the performance of neurotransmitters. Energy production for brain cells is a norm and Phosphatidylserine supports the process. Furthermore, it just gets helpful for the human body immune a system in getting rid of damaged and toxic cells that are present in the brain.

6. Lions Mane Mushroom

This ingredient has provided evidence that this ingredient can help in generating new brain cells. Healthy brain cell membrane performs its role through triggering the production of nerve growth factor production.

7. L-Theanine

L-Theanine accelerates alpha brain waves that persuade the relaxation in a wakeful condition and tends to breed creativity. It also shields the neuron network from any sort of damage.

8. Rhodiola Rosea

It triggers and holds the network of cognitive neurotransmitters. It also happens to take the performance of neurotransmitters to the upper limit by letting them cross the blood-brain barrier. Moreover, it gives the mind the strength that it requires to prevent the secretion of cortisol.

Time to compare Ingredient List

Well, somehow if you have not observed, the ingredient profile actually seems an exact match. Well, it is not the case. Yes, to a great extent they are similar but not the exact match.

No matter which supplement you go for between these two products, both have an excellent nootropic combination to offer.

However, a few differences to consider; like in the ingredient list of Mind Lab Pro Lion’s Mane Mushroom and L-Theanine are present and such differences make Mind Lab Pro a better choice instead of Performance Lab Mind.

Moreover, both of these ingredients are present with the right standards and appropriate ratio.

Side Effects

improve brain functions

1. Performance Lab Mind Side Effects

The design of Performance Lab Mind is safe for even daily use for longer time duration. With that being said, it does not require cycling but just to continue reaping benefits users usually prefer it to consume for a more extended period of time. This much safety with the product has been possible only because of; it’s quality ingredients that have scientific backing. Moreover, it does not carry any harmful ingredients; not even caffeine.

It is totally safe with zero side effects probability. Additionally, the human body can easily bear it without facing any trouble. Yet, it is always advisable to keep your physician in the loop especially in the case when you already have a medical history.

2. Mind Lab Pro Side Effects

It is a composition of 11 effective ingredients. All the ingredients human body can tolerate, and they are safe for human consumption. Do you know what? It is one of its own kinds. Why are we saying so? Because this is the only product that has so many ingredients but still it has a clean chit. Furthermore, it does not include any artificial stuff, non-GMO, preservatives or allergens.

The safety caution is at its height when you learn that even the shell of the capsule is plant-based. It is safe not only for you but for your entire family.

Customer reviews

Performance Lab Mind Customer Reviews

Performance Lab Mind is new to people. Even then it has gathered good popularity. Still, not many customer reviews available for this supplement yet some of the regular describes this supplement something like this

I have experienced brain performance to definitely a new level, it has never been this easy to work on my projects and assignments but with Performance Lab Mind, things have changed. I know how to work properly without getting distracted. It is just cool, and at least I was not expecting any such results. So I am rather happy with this kind of performance.

Awesome, Awesome and Awesome! Cannot explain it in any other way because this is what I am actually feeling when consuming it, thumbs up from my side.

Mind Lab Pro Customer Reviews

Brain optimization??? A hell yes. This supplement just knows how to support your life folks. My stuff has been sorted out only on the watch of Mind Lab Pro. I will not be taking other cognitive enhancers because I just love the way this brain supplement work, I am a big fan of it now.

Do you need to master chess board? Go for it. I have used it, and I can tell you one thing for sure. It is the brain item or product that you can literally take seriously. I have tried a couple of these brain supplements before, but this is it. An excellent supplement for people like me who are into additional activities and active mind is the only weapon they require.

Overview of both the products

1) Performance Lab Mind Benefits

When you are using this product, you can experience nourishment of the brain, mental clarity, stimulation of the right brain functions.

You will also enjoy the reasonable price range that is just $50 (so, it is pocket-friendly). It is NON-GMO, Soy, Allergen, Vegan, and Gluten free.

2) Mind Lab Pro Benefits

When you are using Mind Lab Pro, it means you will get a 30-day empty bottle guarantee, stimulations in the right areas of your brain to support high performance of your mind without any barriers. You can enjoy long-term as well as short-term benefits from this supplement.

It has the right attributes to meet all your brain needs. The product is totally safe for longer period usage. There is no need to cycle except when you want to prolong its duration otherwise there is no hard and fast rule about its use. Moreover, it is gluten, soy, and allergen free.

Vegans can also use it, and it is Non-GMO.

It will cost you just $65, and with such excellent quality combination in this price is a good bargain.


Both the products are quite similar. They have the same company; basically the UK based Lab with the name of OptiNutra Advanced Nutraceuticals.

The lab never compromises on quality of ingredients.

However, Mind Lab Pro carries a few additional components, but performance Lab mind is not coming slowly either.

Although Mind Lab Pro is a little bit costly, because of its effectiveness; it is worth considering.

With such a minor difference the winner is Mind Lab Pro, and it is just because of the facts.

If you are willing to safe cash or tight on budget, you can go for Performance Lab Mind, and that is relatively fine, but our verdict is in favor of Mind Lab Pro due to its better ingredient profile and better popularity on the supplement market with encouraging user reviews.

Where to buy Performance Lab Mind?

You can buy Performance Lab Mind via the official site

Performance Lab Mind Price:

The prices will be as follows

  • 1 box = $50 with one month supply
  • 2 boxes = $95 with two month supply
  • 3 boxes = $135 with 3 month supply

Where to buy Mind Lab Pro?

You can buy Mind Lab Pro via the official website

Mind Lab Pro Price:

  • 1 box will cost you $65 for 1 month supply
  • 2 boxes will cost you $130 for 2 month supply
  • 3 boxes will cost you $195, and you will get an additional box free, it means, in this offer you will get four-month supply at the discounted cost of three boxes

Performance Lab Mind Review vs. Mind Lab Pro Review is here, decide yourself what is good as per your need.

Glad to share this comparison with you!

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