Are “Limitless Pills” The Real Thing? Facts about Smart Drugs

Limitless Pills

Now, people are calling it Limitless pill if you have seen the movie in which Bradley Cooper somehow got these pills and they gave him the superhuman strength mentally!

It is the concern of billions of people that they have a sharp concentration at the workplace, and why not? At the end of the day, your performance is calibrated which may or may not bring up positive things like promotion and other well-being.

Smart drugs like Modafinil has been studied for years in which it was used by different professionals, both in the universities and the workplace. Under prolonged use, this can give you an intense headache after which some people did seek out the natural alternative to these drugs.

We have examples of multiple drugs that are available on prescriptions but are not being used for their intended purpose.

Ritalin, for example, is used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD, but instead, it is being used for enhanced concentration power that can further lead to physical and mental dependencies.

Drugs like Ritalin or Adderall can be powerful to boost mental focus before the night of the exam where you need to memorize tons of study material, but they can also lead to paranoia (Adderall especially) and depression without any signs of warning.

According to youngsters who have been an abuser of these drugs for years, these compounds can bring so many horrid changes in your personality, including severe depression which you don’t want even for your enemies, period.

Modafinil – The Limitless Pill

In Britain and other countries of the world, a new smart drug is rising by the name Modafinil which is clinically approved and considered much safer than the rest of the lethal compound we discussed.

Now, people are calling it Limitless pill if you have seen the movie in which Bradley Cooper somehow got these pills and they gave him the superhuman strength mentally!

The lead research expert Professor Barbara Sahakian says “I’ve never advised anyone to take Modafinil until its long term efficacy and safety is truly evaluated”.

Modafinil has been subjected to many clinical trials and so far the occurrence of the adverse effect hasn’t been noticed much.

In the short term, it is considered a safer mental booster which can bring a slight uplift in concentration that may have a large impact on your personal and professional life.

As the results of the smart drug are getting known amongst youngsters, it was used to be sold in the universities back in 2013, ever since the prices of these drugs have become 4 times more expensive than before. It seemed students bought them in bulk to store for upcoming skirmishes.

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Modafinil History

The formula for Modafinil was generated in France in the era 1970s. In 1998, the drug was approved for treating sleep disorders and narcolepsy, but the mechanism of action was still blurred to some groups.

Some experts suggested that it works in the brain as cocaine and amphetamine, in the animal studies the drug elevated the extracellular level of dopamine and hormones which encourage us to have sex and large meals, said Professor Anjan Chatterjee.

If the above claims are true, then Modafinil could be addicted, but this hasn’t been proven with long term study’s results. For now, we even don’t know if it’s truly dangerous for humans.

Professor Sahakian further said “I would like the health authorities to look at the drug-drug interactions, this will help the doctors to see its reaction in the young people who are already taking this drug for anxiety and other related mental conditions.

The drug can also help Schizophrenic patients improve their cognitive functions when they go back to their work or university, it’s a good cognitive enhancing drug for people with various mental health issues”.

Modafinil Dosage

If you search online, you will find a bunch of sites selling Modafinil 40 pills of 200 milligrams for $75 cash. This price is very reasonable considering you are paying $1.88 per day to get through the mental exhausting tasks such as having an exam.

The regular dose of Modafinil is 1 tablet per day, the beginners can start taking the half which might be sufficient for their system. In many users, chances of aggression and loss of appetite were experienced, but the desire for having caffeine was eliminated.

Side effects were enhanced libido and throbbing headache which can last for the next day.

Modafinil Use in Universities

As more students are overusing smart drugs including Ritalin and Modafinil, college administrations are taking full responsibility to address them the topic in much detail about how it can affect them negatively.

According to the Bristol University Alumni, the rise in Modafinil use has affected many students where they entered the class with anxiety, jitteriness and being on edge.

Bristol University told the students to have a prescription for the use of such smart drugs since they fall under the illegal drug category. Taking Modafinil on prescriptions will keep the student safe from getting rusticated, the spokesperson said if the use of such drugs got out of control the university would consider banning them.

This made other universities to take the part in this, the spokesmen from Oxford University replied in this regard “If ‘cognitive enhancement’ drugs are a particular problem in Oxford, we have yet to see any substantive evidence for it.

We would strongly advise students against taking any drugs that have not been prescribed to them as this could involve putting their health at risk.” While many universities seem no bothered with it since they don’t allow the use of smart drugs, at all!

Whether you are banning a drug from getting used or legalizing it, the afterward problems are certain. Putting indirect pressure on the students not to take performance-enhancing drugs has raised any issues which are explained by Professor Sahakian.

“Some students told me they don’t want to use this form of drugs, but since they know other students are taking the to get good grades, this made them fall behind”. One of the colleagues of Sahakian surveyed with 1,400 subjects, 1 in 5 of those who are using cognitive boosters. The survey comprised of a series of questions like

“Do you think healthy children should be allowed to use smart drugs?” To which people responded as NO!

They asked again, “If you found out the children at your kid’s college are taking these drugs, would you give to your kids too? A large percentage replied with “They Would”.

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In the United States, the use of the smart drug has been part of the general working culture, but what if it becomes part of earlier schooling?

Many white-collar employees and journalists daily shoving these drugs down to their throat to perform like a machine that sounds somehow imbalanced.

The regular people like us are stuck with the smell of coffee and tea to keep our horses awaken. Some people choose not to drink coffee and they are the ones who demand cognitive enhancement more than others.

Professor Sahakian disclosed this very fact about our society professionals who take Modafinil like drugs daily, this include doctors who do 72 hours a long shift.

Professors who are working day and night to finish their papers and in the morning they got to give the lecture are also one of those groups taking smart drugs. Pilots who fly airplanes long distances don’t always compromise with their lack of focus and concentration.

Military personals have been using it for a long time to stay mentally awake while they are flying jets and traveling long distances.

Due to the external pressure and stress in our work environment, not every one of us can take a proper sleep that leads us to face the hard times in life. I think it’s a good bargain to use such drugs as long as they are not causing side effects to the vital organs.

Ethically speaking, it’s not a matter of life and death, even if these drugs are legalized and dubbed safe all over the world, their excessive use can take us to where? And are we going to live it where we reach there? Said Professor Chatterjee.

Final Verdict

The luxury of taking performance-enhancing drugs, cognitive enhancers and smart drugs like limitless pills is nearly affordable to anyone who wants their life to not experience mental trauma and after-job anxiety.

Before Modafinil and other cognitive boosters, the ancient people used to have the herbal tonics about their mental anxiety and depression.

The use of such natural compounds is still on, for someone who is dying to use smart drugs choosing the natural alternatives can be the safest way to achieve ultimate mental performance.

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Brian Hadora, a passionate for fitness also interested in improving its mental strength through the most effective products and methods.