Cogniflex Reviews – The Best Natural Male Nootropic Enhancer! [2020]

Cogniflex is a brain booster, which means it is a synergistic combination of brain-boosting ingredients.

Our busy life has made so many complicated things because of mental exhaustion.

The role of a healthy brain is significant which requires proper mind boosters.

cognitive enhancement supplements

Nootropics are the actual mind boosters which come with a variety of natural ingredients.

The term Nootropic can also be referred to smart drugs which increase the stamina when it comes to brain performance.

This could be applicable for the students and those men and women who in their professional lives need extra brain power.

It is not like taking a cup of coffee and feel mentally excited for about an hour.

The real Nootropics gives your brain the vital and essential ingredients which keep them active, sharp and focused throughout the day.

This is the one part; the other side of Nootropics effects is:

  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Improve verbal and nonverbal skills
  • Enhanced memory retention
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Better Confidence

Today, we are going to discuss a Nootropic called Cogniflex and how it works on you to achieve certain brain powers.

Moreover, we will also discuss the bright and dark sides about this brain supplement and also what people think about it.

What Is Cogniflex?

Cogniflex is a natural brain enhancer or a Nootropic which is designed for better memory and mental performance.

Cogniflex reviews

This claims to be the formula which delivers the essential ingredients to the central numerous system and produce stimulant effects.

Cogniflex Advantages

  • Mildly improve cognitive functions
  • Improve blood flow in the brain
  • Boost energy level mentally
  • Supports memory retention

Cogniflex Disadvantages/ Cons

  • Ingredients strengths are not given
  • Not clinical data available
  • The company’s profile is unknown
  • Cause side effects
  • Results vary

Cogniflex is thought to be the safest alternatives for the energy drinks, only it’s not available in the carbonated form with high sugar content.

Who Makes Cogniflex?

The company who makes Cogniflex nootropic is known by the name Sure Science. There is not much data available about the company and where it locates.

In the matter of having an official page, we are not sure if Cogniflex has any.

How Does It Work?

Nootropics like Cogniflex works with the same idea which is to increase mental energy.

This high level of energy is achieved when the neural pathway of your brain becomes elegantly enhanced after taking so many nutrition forms the supplements.

The more effective ingredients you provide in a formula more will be the transport of information between neuron occurs.

When this happens, you have achieved an effect of cognitive enhancement, which also benefits you in so many ways such as better self-awareness, longer concentration.

The role of Nootropic is also to increase the level of Acetylcholine and other neurotransmitters which boost the cognitive functions.

The idea is also to inhibit the level of certain enzymes that degrade these neurotransmitters.

Cogniflex Ingredients

Cogniflex is a brain booster, which means it is a synergistic combination of brain-boosting ingredients.

Cogniflex formula Ingredients

The role of ingredient is so important as the role of their strength counts.

In Cogniflex there are 6 ingredients which serve as Nootropics.


L-Carnitine is the reason why many men and women feel like exercising after taking Cogniflex. It’s an amino acid which converts the body fats into energy and helps your brain to feel mental lethargy. L-Carnitine in large dose may cause side effects, it is possible to occur if you take higher doses.


Another amino acid with a slightly different role, this amino acid is naturally found in the green tea which helps you stay focused. The purpose of adding L-Theanine in Cogniflex is to improve the sleep quality which is extremely important for an awakened mind.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnier is added in so many nootropic supplements due to its ability to increase blood supply. The blood supply is mainly improved in the brain region, which allows the absorption of ingredients as much as it can. This is suitable for better memory skills with no toxicity goes in the chamber.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is a natural plant which is used to increase the level of alertness and reduce mental fatigue. With Rhodiola Extract your mind has the tendency to process data faster and this is how you score well in every form of mental tests.

There are many studies on Rhodiola Rosea done, which concludes that it can be very well tolerated in male and female with no evidence of side effects.

Vitamin B6

The idea of Vitamin B6 is to elevate the physical and mental energy, this is done by speeding up the conversion of food into glucose. Vitamin B is the most important diet for your body and brain, which is recommended to be in every meal of the day.


Caffeine takes your concentration level to the next level!

Caffeine is a remarkable CNS stimulant which increases your mental speed in terms of analyzing and decision-making processes.

Caffeine also affects your body by building up the action potential in a large extent which helps to skeletal muscles to perform any physical task with more intensity.

Does Cogniflex really Works?

According to the experts, the formula of Cogniflex is devoid of many important ingredients.

Other than Bacopa Monnieri, every ingredient in this formula is useless.

This statement has many reasons to be told, first of all, Cogniflex has caused adverse events in many individuals who used it for the whole month.

It can surely increase the mental agility, but the majority of users are not happy with the results as it does not deliver the precise cognitive enhancing effects.

Customer Reviews about Cogniflex

Cogniflex Review

Some of the comments from the customers about Cogniflex are harsh. They didn’t expect the uncanny effects that have made them worried already.

Worst experience of my life, this is not the first time I had such experience with brain supplement. It almost made me feel sick and mentally frustrated.

Tina Hallway

Took it for some months and so far I feel a slight mental elation. My bipolar nature went since I’ve been taking this, but this is not because of the product, maybe I now exercise every day which is also a big factor. I might be switching to NooCube which I heard is really good and clinically approved.

Paul Rhoden

Cogniflex! I must say it is the only name that sounds and feels good. Other than this, the supplement is a complete waste of money.

Evangeline Grace

Cogniflex Side Effects

The amount of caffeine in cogniflex is enough to raise the side effects on human health.

It is not advised to consume any form of caffeine-containing drinks because that will exacerbate the adverse events more.

Here are the side effects men and women experienced with Cogniflex use.

  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Irregular heartbeats/rhythms
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Irritated behavior

Published Studies about Cogniflex

No scientific studies have been performed on the Cogniflex® nootropic supplement.

However, the ingredients are subjected to many studies about improving brain skills.

Best Nootropic and Brain Boosters of 2019

Searching for the best nootropic in 2019? We have a huge number of smart drugs available online, but for now, we would tell the top-ranked nootropic you should buy.

NooCube is the natural formula which is clinically tested and approved brain supplements with over 250,000+ satisfied customers worldwide.


It has been reviewed by the most admirable critics of mental science who gave this mind booster 5/5 ratings.

Being the best nootropic, NooCube has a big list of ingredients which includes Bacopa Monnieri, Alpha GPC, Cat’s claw, Huperzine A with other essential amino acid and multi-vitamin complex.

Why NooCube Is Top Ranked Nootropic?

NooCube is different from the other Nootropics in so many ways like it provides the medicinal effects to the Alzheimer and dementia patients who are at a verge of losing core memories.

The formula of NooCube is a far better choice than choosing pharmaceutical medications such as Rivastigmine and several alkaloids that produce unnecessary side effects.

Conclusion – Is Cogniflex Worth a Try?

Cogniflex tried to mimic the best Nootropics but it only succeeds in some areas which are quite hard to say it works like the best smart drug.

Noocube Nootropic Supplements

The customer ranks this supplement very low when it comes to quality, safety, and efficacy. Still, you can get the positive results which may or may not be ideal.

Mental burden and exhaustion are targeting both youngsters and adults in different fields of life.

To overcome this mental tiredness, proving your brain the most powerful ingredients is the only possible and safest way to improve quality of life.

Speaking of NooCube Vs Cogniflex, the first supplement wins in every aspect which includes:

  • Customer feedbacks
  • Company profile
  • Ingredients Quality
  • Clinical Site

Brian Hadora, a passionate for fitness also interested in improving its mental strength through the most effective products and methods.