The Top 5 Highly Recommended Brain Supplements in 2019

Generally known as Nootropics, brain boosters are available in various supplement forms which many people refer to as smart drugs.

Nootropics are mainly designed to enhance the cognitive functions of men and women who lack mental efficiency.

Brain boosters

Considering the increasing amount of websites and blogs, there are more of those brain supplements which do not work than those which actually are the BRAIN BOOSTERS.

Individuals who have hard times at memorizing things or those with mental related disorders can use brain supplements for a better mental activity which directly affect their whole aspects of life.

It’s a smart era; we have got technologies to order anything at our doorstep which makes life a lot easier.

By reading this article you can easily distinguish between the brain supplements which deliver the exact benefits without any side effects.

We will also provide you the most anticipating top 5 brain boosters in the market which are clinically tested and contain only natural ingredients for mental health.

Let us pour some more light on how these brain supplements work.

How Do Brain Supplements Work?

You can find different varieties of brain supplements each of which works in a different manner.

A little percentage of Nootropics are amongst those supplements which affect whole brain parts while the majority of these smart drugs only support specific parts of the brain.

About the mechanism of action of the Nootropics, science-based medicine quoted a very smart statement in their article about brain boosters.

Best Brain pill

“The concept behind Nootropics is to target some metabolic or nutritional part of the brain function”.

It is precisely true that Nootropics fulfills the nutritional requirements of the brain and thereby enhance their ability of neurotransmission.

Neurotransmission is the process of information, the transaction between neuron to neuron, the more efficient this process is the best cognitive skilled person you become.

Enhance cognitive functions means increased memory retention, focused and sharp mind with better speaking skills which diminish in a person with age.

The best thing about NATURAL brains supplements that it can be used by the person of any age, especially men and women with the Alzheimer degenerative disorder.

Benefits of Brain Supplements to the Users

You can expect these benefits from the right brain supplement.

  1. Increase Concentration and Focus: In your professional and personal life, the need to focus on is highly important. Once you master the art of staying motivated you can turn anything around in your own way.
  2. Mood Elevation: It affects your mood, people with mood swings can harm their lives by showing too much aggression. Some brain supplements offer a benefit where the secretion of Serotonin increases, which takes care of your mania and depressive thoughts.
  3. Anti-Aging Effects: You will become physically and sexually strong once your brain is getting everything it needs. This will also affect your skin tone and hair growth in a positive way.
  4. Gets you more Productive: Due to enhanced neurotransmission, you can retain lots of information without a blink which also helps you complete any task efficiently and become more productive about it.
  5. Increase Cognitive Skills: Mainly comprised of excellent speaking power with attentive mind with improved hearing and visionary skills. Anything you hear will be pasted in your mind, which you can recall later.
  6. Improves Overall Mental Health: Helps you in anger management and enhance your decision-making skills remarkably.

Top 5 Brain Supplements in the Market 

  1. BrainPill
  2. Noocube
  3. Clarity X
  4. Nootromins
  5. Solomons Secret

below are the detailed review of all top brain booster of 2019 on the market.


A product by Leading Edge Health which has formulated bodybuilding male enhancement supplements in the past.

Brain Pill

Brainpill is the cognitive enhancer which is mostly used by the students worldwide. According to their statistical analysis they have sold about 14 millions of bottles ever since they launched.

The brain supplement gives you striking performance leverage that affects your IQ level quite greatly.

It is composed of the natural ingredients which fight the anxiety attacks and provide relaxation time to the brain.

Certain hormonal disturbances happen in our body on a daily basis, which causes mood swings, disturbed focus and other mental related condition.

Brainpill allows your brain to get a maximum number of nutritious value which keeps it from being fragile and prone to depression.

Brainpill claims to repair the damaged neuron which contributes to better mental health and striking signs of productivity.

Pros of BrainPill

  • Great memory power
  • Enhanced cognitive skills
  • Limit stress and anxiety
  • Improve concentration
  • Mood elevation
  • Makes you an intimidating person


  • Cannot be taken at night
  • Although the ingredients are natural, some people reported alarming side effects

Taking the side effects into the consideration, the manufacture of Brainpill calls the side effects rather temporary.

 2. NOOCUBE Review

Noocube has been in the market for months and its popularity has grown to the maximum.

Noocube reviews

The formula for Noocube was specifically designed for enhanced focus, memory, and mental speed.

There are plenty of ingredients in Noocube and every one of them has a vivid clinical study background, making them safer for use.

Like Nootromin, the primary ingredient is Noocube is Alpha GPC which works as the agonist for acetylcholine secretion which is good for brain functions.

In addition, the ingredients in Noocube stops the production of acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine and causes mental aging.

Customer reviews for NooCube are available in a large number and most of them are positive.

Pros of NooCube

  • Clinically tested and approved ingredients
  • Improve the generation of neurotransmitters at a faster rate
  • Inhibits the neuron degeneration process
  • Contains essential amino acid required for better brain functions
  • Soothes your mind and body at the same time
  • No side effects reported


  • NooCube is not available at the stores nearby
  • Available only at the official webpage of the company

3. CLARITY X Review

Clarity X according to some people is a premium grade Nootropic that is made to increase cognitive vitality.

Clarityx reviews

The company is located in the USA and made these products in a match with the FDA standards.

The core concept is to provide the brain with basic nutrients that help in cognitive functioning.

The idea of increasing the energy level of the brain is unique because that’s how you gain mental attentiveness and vigorous concentration and speaking power.

Your brain focus and clarity will be highly improved upon maximum energy supply and you will look quite motivated at office or college.

Pros of Clarity X

  • Sharpens mental focus and clarity
  • Makes you professionally creative and personally focused
  • Toughen up the neurons
  • Provide an efficient amount of energy to the brain cells
  • Improve mental well-being
  • Offers 14-days free trial


  • You will only see the results upon 2-3 months of use
  • Some ingredients in Clarity X causes allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals


Clarity X may be a powerful brain supplement but most of its users are college grade students who only use it for memory retaining tasks.


The manufacturer of Nootropics calls their product a result of 75 years of brain research.

Nootromins reviews

Their brain boosting formula contains several ingredients which help a person with stress and anxiety disorder.

Alpha GPC as a primary ingredient of Nootropics, it also helps with the memory retaining task with sharp mental focus.

The ingredients in Nootromins are perfectly natural with also a pinch of caffeine in it that makes you mentally active and awake.

The botanical mixture mends the process of neurotransmission and improve the blood circulation in some brain parts which enhance the cognitive functions.

Nootromin is favorable in the conditions where chances of neuron degenerative disorders seem to happen.

Providing these neurons a healthy dose of oxygen and glucose nootromin maintains the energy level of the brain without you being crashed.

The standard dose is 2 capsules per day which are sufficient enough to stay the agile whole day.

Pros of Nootromins

  • Subsidies mental disorders
  • Improve oxygen and glucose uptake
  • Increase mental stability and stamina
  • Amplify the mental performance
  • Aid rapid thinking
  • Makes you a better problems solver


  • Expensive price
  • Fewer customer feedbacks


Inspired by the great king Solomon, who lives his life with great mental power the unique design of Solomon Secret has something in it.

Solomons secret reviews
Solomons secret

Stress is a brain killer which gradually eats your major brain part and makes them useless. The active ingredients of the Solomons secret brain supplement help you ease the hard times by increasing the level of dopamine (a hormone for joy).

It increases mental stamina and gives you a wide range of concentrated power that makes you thoughtful and focused.

By increasing some qualitative hormones in the brain the supplement help you become sexually active and more productive in everything you perform.

Pros of Solomons Secret

  • Improve brain functions
  • Increase the level of productivity
  • Suits men and women equally
  • Turns your personality into a much happier individual
  • Made by natural ingredients
  • Increase mental focus


  • Customers complained about some ingredients induce allergic reactions
  • Over prices
  • Results appear within 2 months of use only

Which Brain Supplement Should You Buy?

Scientifically conceived every supplement mentioned above is good for mental health and considered safe.

But if you want to go with the fewer bucks and more benefits than choosing NooCube would be a wise decision.

brain enhancement supplements

The fact that it can be delivered to your doorstep is quite enchanting which gives you the personal advantage of not going to any supermarket.

The price is affordable with the fastest acting formula which delivers rapid results.

Final Verdict

Whether you are experiencing low memory power or drained mental stamina, choosing the natural nootropic can only be the safest option.

Some brain supplements target the specific region of the brain while the top 5 ones work throughout the brain region, making it more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Imagine a person with wholesome confidence and great memory power and who solves any problem at any time of the day.

That person could be you, it’s all the matter of choosing the right brain supplement.